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ankle, and suddenly Azure was in front of her, holding down her hands. Azure! He pulled her off the roof with easy strength and immediately grabbed her wrist, dragging her toward the door that went to the roof. He was looking left and right to see if there were any guards. A sunset guard was making his way toward them just then. Azure ducked into a storage closet, pulling her inside. Azure, how did you do that? Shh. He pushed his hand over her lips, not trusting her ability to remain silent. She yanked his hand away from her mouth, and he let it remain at his side. They imobiliare bucuresti waited as the guard walked by. Azure peaked out the doorway and commenced dragging her to the door again. He opened it softly. They were back inside imobiliare bucuresti the servants' pageways. I can make my way back to my room, Azure, Kara said, pulling her hand free. He kept walking down the hallways, expecting her to follow. Walking took a lot longer than zipping. It would take them twenty minutes to get back to her room. How had he gotten here so fast? The duel didn't last more than three minutes. Azure hissed. Do bucuresti you know that you put my life at risk when you pull a stunt like that? As your guard, I am responsible for you. Hopefully no one important saw you. My father saw me, Kara said. Azure cursed. He knows I did it at my own volition. Have you heard of a whipping boy, Princess? Azure asked, speeding his walk to a trot. No. she said, hurrying along to catch up. Not long ago, it was tradition for royalty never to be punished. You couldn't harm the heir to the throne. So they always brought in a boy--a Su--who was punished for whatever the young heir did. That can't be true. How would the prince learn responsibility? By the sympathy brought on when he saw the Su boy whipped. Surely... You grew up a secret, but you are no longer one. Your father cannot punish you, even in private. You will have a whipping boy. A person to blame... Kara said, realizing. He will not blame you. I will go to my own room. I will not shirk my responsibility as your escort, Azure said. Kara took the stab--meaning he would not abandon his duty, while she would. This, coming from a Su, Kara said and immediately regretted it. Why did her pride imobiliare bucuresti make her bite so viciously? Even now, she couldn't bring herself to apologize. She just watched Azure pause, anger pulsing the edges of his lips. It was wrong for her to say that... and it wasn't true of Azure. Azure... she started, but he turned away and continued to walk. She wished she could zip away and get to her room as quickly as possible, but she allowed herself the punishment of walking beside her old friend, every agonizing, awkward moment of it. Everyone was watching Hakon. A thick layer of dirt google shaped into a circle marked the dueling ring. Hakon waited on its outskirts to be called. He tried to ignore the throbbing in his thigh and the drum beats still aching in his head. It was time to focus. A man designated as the dueling master stepped forward. Hakon. Bavol. Hakon stepped forward into the ring and watched Bavol step forward opposite him. Who is Hakon's second? I am, Skeet said behind him. He stepped up, carrying Hakon's weapons. Who is Bavol's second? I am. The young boy, Tadi, stepped forward. A few guardians stood